The signs that our country is plundering through uncertain times is plastered all over the media (whether you call it “fake” or not). You can’t walk through a store, restaurant or train station without overhearing thick threads of heated political banter. There’s no escaping it. And now, the gods are raining down their fury and doing their best to send us a message…

Jimmy Kimmel said the lightening was probably the work of John McCain, which I hope is true. The old Maverick is slinging arrows from the heavens.

The latest weather event at the White House is not a new, nearly Biblical act of nature to occur at the White House this year. Back in May, scientists discovered the beginnings of sink hole on the lawn.

What’s next? Locusts? A healthy flood of raining frogs? How many signs do we need? These are very uncertain times, and frightful.

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