The chapter entitled “The Toilet Paper King’s Mighty Sword,” is probably the one I receive the most comments about. It is the longest chapter of the book. In this chapter, Parker finds himself locked to the largest fish of his career, an estimated 800-pound swordfish. As he fights the fish, the seas pick up. The drama builds. Parker’s hands turn to claws after cranking on the reel handle for four hours, five hours… Another angler on the boat named Marvin adds some comic relief to the situation, but nothing will deter Parker’s determination.

New Zealand is a special place in the annals of angling history. Zane Grey, the famous writer and one of the first men to embark on long fishing expeditions to the far corners of the world, spent time in these waters. Grey also caught giant swordfish, and sharks and other creatures. The far north area and Bay of Islands in particular is a place every traveling angler should put on his or her wish list. You may find yourself far offshore, drifting a squid bait at night. If you do, hold on for the fight of your life.

I’d like to thank an old friend, Sam Mossman from New Zealand Fishing News for reaching out and publishing our latest book review. It’s very cool to have a few readers on the other side of the planet.

Here is Sam’s review…

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