“Wow, where do these kids get all of their energy?”

They suck it out of us.

Today was Maxon and Daddy day. A day I look forward to every time it comes around. On the agenda today was fishing and tacos for lunch. Other than that, I didn’t have any plans.

The best thing about fishing with Max is you get to sleep in. Saturday mornings are all about cartoons and lounging in undies till at least 9 a.m. That part of the mission is easy. I brewed a big pot of coffee, let Max turn on Netflix and then went about digging our little boat out from underneath the mountain of coolers, tricycles, soccer goals, garden tools, rods, buckets and pool noodles that it had been hibernating under for much too long.

My younger son, Cooper, was all set with a Mommy day on the calendar. They had plans to hit the Orlando art museum and Science Center.

Max and I launched the boat and brought the trailer back to the house and walked hand-in-hand back to the lake lot in our neighborhood. He had me laughing, asking me to be Doug, the dog from the movie Up and he’d be Kevin, the rare bird.

The outboard started on the fourth pull. Amen. We trolled around for some bass but the wind was picking up and my little Gheenoe does not like chop. Max doesn’t either. We headed for shelter on the canal that connects Little Lake Conway with Lake Conway.

We settled on a quiet strip of water in front of an old friend’s house, Steve Upp. I know Steve feeds the fish off his back yard. We busted out some bread and oatmeal to ‘chum’ up some bream. It didn’t take long and Steve was there to witness Max catch a couple decent ones. He even hooked us up with four more slices of bread and got some photos of me and Max. Thanks Steve Upp!

We had brought a PB&J, a couple juice boxes, water and a strawberry flavored yogurt. Max devoured it all by 11 a.m.

We caught three nice shell crackers and a big pickerel before he asked me to head back to the dock. My one rule is I always take him home when he asks. But usually I’m the one wanting to go in to be honest.

Next stop, lunch. Max wanted tacos and I wanted a beer so we went to La Fiesta. He ordered chicken tenders and fries. What? Ok. I ordered a Dos Equis and a lunch combo. He loved his. I had a hair in my salsa. But I worked around it.

“What are we doing next Dad?”

“What do you mean?”

“We’ve only done two things. We need to do six things for Daddy and Max Day”

I found a festival downtown by Lake Eola. And it was free! Tents of all sorts lined the lake, a stage was set up for a concert, a bounce house on the horizon and his favorite playground in sight. Thank you, Orlando!

Four more activities and 9,000 steps later, I’m winded. Beat. One more game of tag you’re it might body slam me right on the lawn. He’s happy as ever. Laughing. Smiling. The green face paint from his Mindcraft forehead rolling down his cheeks on beads of sweat. We listened to some country music. Drank a cranberry juice a girl in a Tito’s Vodka tent gave us.

“We got to go home kid,” I say.

“Why? We’ve only done like three things…”


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