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I’m lucky to have great friends who work as editors in the recreational boating community.

When I first published Sucked Dry, I bought about 125 copies of the paperback. My promotional strategy was a simple one. I’d sent books to fellow writers and editors whom I thought would appreciate the book, and maybe stick a review in their magazine or website.

Writers recognize the effort that goes into compiling a story into book form. Creating something that flows and entertains for 60,000-plus words is not an easy task. Lord knows I’ve always commended people who wrote a book. Even if it was a shitty book. They did it. I wanted to do it, and it took me decades to make it happen.

One person I had to send a book to is Lenny Rudow. If you’ve read a fishing or boating magazine in the last 20 years, you’ve probably read something written by Lenny. The man is prolific. I don’t know how he finds time to actually fish, but he does. Lenny does some writing for me at and we are both on the board of Boating Writers International. Lenny has been president for the last few years and just handed over the reigns to another friend, Alan Jones. I am vice president.

Anyway, I had packaged up a signed copy of Sucked Dry for Lenny and when I went to the post office, his address did not show up in the teller’s computer. I figured I had written it down incorrectly and with the Miami Boat Show not that far down the road, I decided I would just hand-deliver the copy to Lenny when I saw him at the boat show.

At our board meeting I gave the book to Lenny and his first response was “I already have one! I bought a copy off Amazon as soon they were available. I bet I was your first sale!”

“Well, now you have a signed copy,” I said. “And thank you.”

This past weekend Lenny did me another solid. He sent me a link to a write up about the book that he published in his magazine, Rudow’s FishTalk. Thank you again, my friend.


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